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Your data is clean, time to get a campaign out to the most qualified recipient. We help you segment and personalize your campaigns for maximum ROI. Multi-channel? Of course. ROI based on actual spend? Is there any other kind of ROI that is useful?



The Clairvoyix Premium Email Solution is a state-of-the-art direct marketing tool that helps exploit the wealth of data contained in the Clairvoyix Marketing Database. Email Solution Provider’s (ESP’s) traditionally do a decent job of delivering emails, however they have always been lacking when it comes to two critical components of a direct marketing solution. First, they rarely come with an industrial strength database. And when they use the email address as a “key”, their weakness is exposed through duplicates and poor data quality in general. Second, they may show you “opens” and “clicks”, but you deserve to see ROI based on transaction data, or actual spend. The Clairvoyix Premium Email Solution has all your bases covered!

Clairvoyix Premium Email Solution Key Features and Benefits

Fully integrated with the Clairvoyix Marketing Database

  • Eliminates errors associated with a manual extract/import process
  • Utilizes the data quality/data enhancement capabilities of the Clairvoyix Marketing Database

Fully integrated with the Clairvoyix Web-Accessed Dashboards

Transactional ROI based on actual spend is reported

A step-by-step guide to deploying an email campaign


Allows personalization from a “drop-down” variable list

Template Editor

Create and save email templates for brand standards and quick deployment

A, B, C….Z Split Testing

  • Supports up to 26 variants with automation winning variant processing
  • Test: Subject Line, From Address, Images, Body Copy, Links

Content and Spam Check

  • Check rendering on desktops, mobile devices, major ESP’s and more
  • Emails checked against all the major SPAM filters

Consumer Lifecycle Marketing

What if processing based on actions of email recipient


Schedule and visualize email campaigns

Email Statistical Reporting

  • Attempted, Delivered, Open, Clicks, Shared
  • Bounced, Complaints, Unsubscribes

Heat Maps

See where recipients are clicking

Geo Tracking

Map view of opens, easily “draw a radius” and create a new segment based on location