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At Clairvoyix, it all starts with the best marketing database in the business, the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory, which makes all other enhancements possible and maximizes return on your direct marketing investments.

With a sub-par database you risk alienating customers and incurring the wrath of the regulators. Built on Oracle, the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory is the most cost-effective marketing database available at any price. Why pay more than necessary? Now add the most intuitive web-accessed analytical dashboards available, along with a fully integrated email platform, and you have marketing automation the way it should be —easy to use, easy to buy, and one you will never outgrow. Worried that you don’t have the staff to run even a user-friendly Clairvoyix solution? Then let our team of direct marketing professionals provide you with all the human resources you need to develop and deploy revenue-generating campaigns that will even make your CFO happy!