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Marketing Automation Architecture

Clairvoyix Marketing Automation Architecture


The Clairvoyix web-delivered (Software as a Service or “SaaS”) solution is an Internet-deployed model that is hosted on dedicated servers and/or the Cloud. The marketing automation solution was architected to achieve three significant design objectives:


  1. Fully utilize the Internet so that our marketing users do not require unnecessary support from the IT department to deploy and execute their marketing applications. Therefore, the Clairvoyix application is accessed from the ubiquitous Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) or exposed web services.
  2. Develop industry-specific (e.g. Travel and Leisure) marketing databases that fully leverage our marketing automation platform. Our clients benefit from a consistent release schedule that translates to a system that increases in value over time, versus a “custom” system that is frozen in time, often resulting in early obsolescence.
  3. Utilize mainstream technologies to protect our clients’ investments, and to eliminate the possibility of early obsolescence.
    1. Microsoft Development Platform A powerful, cost-effective enterprise level platform ideal for both browser and web service support.
    2. Oracle Database Oracle delivers a highly scalable, high performance database platform that is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft development environment.
    3. Dell Servers, Storage, and Backup Dell delivers a price/performance ratio this is consistently the highest in the industry.


N-Tier Architecture


The Clairvoyix targeted marketing solution, and specifically our highly scalable marketing database environment branded the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory (CKF), makes extensive use of “n-tier” architectures. Each logical processing layer is supported by multiple physical servers. Scalability of each segment is then accomplished either through physical enhancement of hardware components (memory, CPUs, etc.), through additional hardware or software segmentation, or through the addition of hardware modules. In all three scalability scenarios, the core structures, architectures and communication protocols can remain intact while still providing enhanced performance for the support of larger systems.


Data Layer


In the case of large consumer and business marketing databases, the data layer becomes the greatest scalability concern as both the presentation layer and application layer rely on the ability of the system to quickly return ad hoc query results through the data layer. Our data layer segments are decomposed into discrete profile and marketing segments allowing us to spread the data rows across logical “marketing categories” while distributing the elements across physical drive arrays.


Scalability Implementation


All of our servers operate under one of the Microsoft Server operating systems and run on Dell server hardware. With options for using Oracle Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter versions, we can implement data layer support for the largest of data warehouse needs. We currently support more than 50 million master records and more than 100 million detail (stay, reservation) records for a single client. This instance is currently running comfortably alongside numerous other client instances on an eight-way Dell server. Scaling to larger data sets requires no more than just enhanced hardware without any changes to our base architecture.


Given the standard functional decomposition of the data architecture, our philosophy and implementation of scalability is straight-forward: provide the memory to cache master rows; distribute the detail rows across stripped array sets using our decomposition architecture; and utilize the parallel processing mechanisms of the operating system and database environment. The Clairvoyix n-tier architecture solution at both the application level and database level allows us to implement scalability with significantly better than linear hardware price / performance increases.


Oracle Database Environment


Our data layer is implemented with Oracle Server products and provides us with the ability to scale up to the highest performance servers suitable to match our customer requirements. Each of our clients is provided with a dedicated Oracle instance thereby providing additional levels of performance and security. Memory and drive space are allocated specific to the client’s requirements and of course can be adjusted as the client’s data requirements change. If the number of clients or the requirements of a single client grow beyond the capabilities of a specific server, an additional server is added and the Oracle instance(s) are simply added to the new server. Adding or moving client instances is smoothly facilitated due to the control structure of the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory (CKF). Our CKF application server functions as the access point for all servers and Oracle instances. Using data-driven client configurations and Oracle Remote links, we can quickly add new client instances without the need for complex, time-consuming and expensive architectural changes.


Operational Facility


Our server farm is housed in a state-of-the-art colocation facility at Switch.

The Largest Data Center Ecosystem in the World

Las Vegas, Nevada is home to Switch’s Tier 5® Platinum rated multi-tenant/colocation data centers. With capacity of up to 2.4 million square feet of data center space and capacity to deliver up to 315 MW of power, it is the most advanced and most efficient data center campus in the world.

  • The world’s highest-rated data center campus
  • Approximately 2 million sqft of Tier 5 Platinum data center space
  • Up to 315 MW of power, with 100% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Up to 50% telecom cost reduction through Switch CONNECT by leveraging the $5+ trillion Switch CORE telecom purchasing cooperative
  • 100% renewable energy used to power facilities
  • Connected to California, via Switch SUPERLOOP
  • Connectivity to Switch CONNECT carrier portfolio of more than 50 providers
  • 100+ cloud and managed service providers in the Switch CLOUDecosystem and hyper scale public cloud providers
  • Mitigate large-scale DDoS attacks with Switch SAFE


Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory Processing


The control center of the Knowledge Factory is the gateway for all system processing. It provides control for defining where to pick up feeding system data (PMS, survey data, etc.), what transformational services should be performed, what stage each line-task is currently in, and instant access to current and historical status reports. The Knowledge Factory specifically provides:


  • Unique identification and matching of consumers from any number of sources using our synthetic three-way match key logic.
  • Name, address, email address, and phone hygiene and standardization, verification, gender coding, and geographic coding.
  • The unique person profile data, historical/behavioral data, and other marketing segment detail regarding past guest or potential guests (prospects).