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Clairvoyix Client Databases GDPR Ready Before Deadline

Clairvoyix, the leader in data-driven marketing automation for the hospitality industry, announced today it has successfully processed more than 100 million past guest records to ensure clients’ General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-affected guests meet the requirements as stipulated in the regulation. The deadline to complete this was May 25.


“The practice of ‘blasting’ an email campaign is effectively over,” said Mike Schmitt, CEO at Clairvoyix. “Marketing databases that were once treated as simply a repository for email addresses will become a significant financial liability to hotel organizations that do not have systems in place to monitor, track and enforce the desired privacy level of guests and prospects.”


Approved in spring 2016, GDPR is legislation that allows consumers to keep more control of their personal data collected by companies. Although it was established by the European Union, GDPR affects tech companies worldwide. The main focus of GDPR relies on conditions of consent, which have been strengthened, so companies won’t be able to use batch language to trick customers into providing information or use the consent for other purposes.


The Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory is part of a cloud deployed marketing automation solution that ensures client data is cleansed, deduplicated and matched to the proper guest. Most importantly, personally identifiable information (PII), such as an email address, is tracked for privacy compliance. With the robust data fields available in the Knowledge Factory, GDPR affected guests easily can be identified, and therefore compliance can be automated, relieving hospitality sales and marketing personnel of the burden of compliance tracking.


“Clairvoyix has always believed that the security and privacy of valuable guest data was one of our most important tasks,” Schmitt added. “CAN-SPAM has been around since 2003, and the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was enacted in July of 2014. We previously delivered programmatic solutions for ensuring automated CAN-SPAM and CASL compliance, and now we have done this for GDPR.”


To find more information about the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory and how your hotel organization can be GDPR compliant visit us at or send a message to


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